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When was the last time you face palmed? (for those who aren’t familiar with what that is, here’s a visual for you: )

Image result for face palm


Just now, a moment ago, this morning, last night, yesterday: I face palm all the time. I was not aware of the term ‘face palm’ until my kids told me though. I knew it as ‘holding your head in your hands/hand.’

The face palm gesture is supposed to express negative emotions like grief or embarrassment. I use it for any kind of strong feeling, even happiness, excitement or surprise.
When is censorship warranted? Ever?

Censorship is justified if it is used to suppress messages of hatred or crimes against humanity. But whenever censorship is used it must be exercised with great caution and judgment. When used unfairly, it can suppress freedom of expression and theteby become in itself a crime against humanity.


If there were commandments for the modern day world, what should (could, would) some of them be? Get creative!

Thou shalt not use the internet for negative purposes.

Thou shalt not waste precious time on social media.

Love thy family as much as thy social media followers.

I could go on and on…….

Disclaimer- I mean no disrespect to any religious sentiments with the above.


What did you Google last?

My mum is having some home renovation done. I looked up some floor tile designs for her.

Not very exciting I am afraid but it goes to show how much Googling has become a part of life


Gratitude is an Attitude

Have a fabulous week! 

Image result for cheery sun

Written for:

Share Your World,  created by Melanie of sparksfromacombustiblemind

3 thoughts on “Share Your World 23.9.19

  1. Thanks Dr. Tanya for your lovely Share Your World thoughts! Your format for the commandments for the modern world was just the style I thought would be appropriate, so no second guessing on yourself! And I loved your thoughts on censorship. What a great way to put it! 🙂

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