honey bee looking tired

“To bee or not to bee…..”

I can still remember those long lazy summer days of my childhood. The afternoons were hot and sultry, but oh so long. They were so long that we would run out of books to read or games to play. We were accustomed to thinking up new amusements of our own but sometimes our ingenuity ran dry leaving us bored from lack of things to do.

Things are very different for children of today. Even during their summer vacations they are riding a perpetual merry-go-round of activities. Summer camp, music lessons, extra coaching, and much more.

To call the modern child as busy as a bee is an understatement. Even in their so called free time, kids of today are bombarded by the information explosion of the internet. These children have hardly any free or vacant time to themselves.

Parents today are much more ambitious too. They are afraid that if their children do not take on ‘x’ number of activities in addition to their studies,this will jeopardise their career plans. It is small wonder then, that stress related childhood psychiatric illnesses are making their debut. I hope child counselors and psychologists make parents and educationists realise their error in overloading and overstimulating children.

Turning children into busy bees : is that what childhood was meant to be?

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8 thoughts on ““To bee or not to bee…..”

  1. What’s the purpose of linking to these word prompts….??
    I mean did you write the article keeping them in mind or you wrote and then you linked these words to word prompts….



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