The Daily FourSeason 1 – Game 9

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The Daily Four

Season 1 – Game 9

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Welcome to The Daily Four!

Today’s Questions to the Readers are….

How often do you read magazines as in daily, weekly and what magazines do you enjoy and why do you read them as opposed to simply reading articles online?

I used to read magazines a lot even after articles became available on the internet. It was very relaxing flipping through them and I sometimes got ideas for posts. Ever since I have followed more bloggers my WordPress reader gets so full that I don’t have time for books and magazines anymore.

The magazines I like are InStyle, FamilyCircle, Woman’sDay, Prevwntion, Reader’sDigest, Time,Newsweek.

What will you never answer about yourself if asked?

My answer would vary with who was asking and where. I would never reveal details of my family on social media. I would never answer questions about my relationships with friends and famuly from mere aquaintances.

If you had to pin point with a certain amount of commitment your top five environmental concerns what would they be?

1. Climate change.

2. Water shortage.

3. Overpopulation.

4. Deforestation

5. Single use plastic.

What are your views on ‘robots’ at work and the impact they could have on the human workforce in our future?

Robots at work mean fewer jobs for humans, ultimately making the human race redundant and obsolete.

16 thoughts on “The Daily FourSeason 1 – Game 9

      1. Cloning further ahead than most people think. It’ll not be long, once they figure a bypass for the legal morality it’ll not be long at all.

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      2. Oh sorry l thought you would know after l read your IDK 🙂 Now let me see what l wrote . two tics …

        NDI = Neither do l
        BWW = But we will
        FOIG = Find out l guess 🙂

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