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F P Q #43 Nature VS Nurture

What do you believe, when it comes to people’s traits and personalities? Are they primarily formed and shaped by nature or by nurture, as defined above? What about your personality? Nature or nurture? Please elaborate.

The debate of whether nature or nurture determines the outcome or final result of a person’s trait or characteristics is a very old one. This issue has been analysed by disciplines of science Provocative Queand art.

Seen in terms of modern science, nature or genes/inheritance and environment (nurture) are both important. The final outcome is a product of genes and environment or a complex interplay between the two.

Let us use a simple example. A child has the genes for music and rythm. If this child is brought up in surroundings that include hearing and playing different instruments, he might become a great musician. If this child has no access to music, his inherited talent may be restricted to whistling tunefully.

As for me, I believe that I am a similar combination of nature and nurture. I had a narural talent (ahem) for writing. I was brought up surrounded by books and my parents encouraged reading and writing. Hence I am able to write.

I believe I have can ear for music. I can easily remember a tune. Growing up, however, this was not encouraged. In fact, music was a bit of a taboo in my childhood. I, therefore, did not develop any musical talent.

Nature and Nurture both

contribute always.

Written for Fandango’s Provocative Question #43

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