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Shopping for school supplies

“A bouquet of newly sharpened pencils” Fall is my favourite season. Yes, I actually prefer it to spring. There is something about dry leaves drifting to the ground that I like more than blossoming flowers. Fall is also about new beginnings. Quoting from one of my favourite movies,”You’ve Got Mail”: “I love New York in the fall. It makes me want to buy school supplies. … Continue reading Shopping for school supplies

Trust: How Bloggers Turned Followers to Friends–Reblog

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Just yesterday I was watching a video clip of Conor Neil. In the 7 mins video, he talked about trust, how to build it and why it’s important. As I reflected on the message, I began to see how trust affects human relationships. And one of the most interesting of all was how we get to trust people we… Continue reading Trust: How Bloggers Turned Followers to Friends–Reblog

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Blogging Insights #1–Why Do You Blog ?

Do you blog to promote your business? Or is your blog a launching pad for your social life? Does it exist only to complement your business or your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter accounts? Is your blog making you real money (if so please let me into your secret)? Are you blogging because you are so adept at this craft that you want to teach it to others? Or … Continue reading Blogging Insights #1–Why Do You Blog ?