Trust: How Bloggers Turned Followers to Friends–Reblog

Building trust in the blogging world is an important prerequisite to more engagement and traffic. And this can foster lasting friendships. Joshua discusses this:


Just yesterday I was watching a video clip of Conor Neil.

In the 7 mins video, he talked about trust, how to build it and why it’s important.

As I reflected on the message, I began to see how trust affects human relationships. And one of the most interesting of all was how we get to trust people we meet on platforms like WordPress.

I’ve noticed that some blogs have more comments both in quality and quantity than others.

And it became a puzzle for me that I ask myself, ” what are those guys doing differently that almost all their posts have more thoughtful comments than others?”

Now I know the answer to that question: TRUST

The bloggers who have more people comment on what they post have a relationship of trust with their readers.

And that relationship has made friends out of followers.

“When the trust account is…

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