Pop Of Positivity- My Gracious Greetings To You All

Sadje of Keep It Alive has nominated me for Pop of Positivity created by Beckie .

Thank you Sadje


“What is “Pop!” – Pop of Positivity?”

“Pop of Positivity”   It’s based on one simple thing.  “Life doesn’t have to suck all the time.”  Let’s face it… There’s a Helluva lot of negativity in the real world, and it’s pretty hard to escape it.  I thought of this as a means to brighten up everyone’s day.  Taking time away from thinking about the negative and switch gears and think of the positive.  Perhaps,  we can all share some smiles along the way too.

Image result for pixabay smiley face


  1. Each Thursday, I’ll pick a Theme (Naturally, of something positive).
  2. I will, therefore, Tag Three Bloggers to continue the themed positive message along.
  3. You, the recipient of the tag can select anyway fit on how you want to share this positivity.  (Example: A Quote, Affirmation, Music Video, Memes, Pictures, etc… As long it sticks to the Theme).
  4. You will create a Pingback to the original post, as well as notifying your tagged blogger that you have selected them.


Fairly easy, right?  Let’s say we give this a shot, okay?

Today’s Topic;

~My Gracious Greetings To You All~

My Entries:

boy feeding deer

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

mug message what good shall I do this day

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

I tag these three wonderful bloggers to continue this:

Mel of Crushed Caramel

Carol Anne of Therapy Bits

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke

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