A Bit About Blogging — Reblog

Last week I posted a set of questions about blogging. Mel replied in her characteristic fun style:


Young woman in wellies walk her dogWell, I am with a family member of mine who has been very ill…only they are sleepy tired after a treatment in hospital. I had planned to go for a walk in this beautiful area, but I haven’t brought the right clothes to face the abysmal weather. It was such a snap decision for “him” to drive me up to just north of the midlands and spend a little time with me before bundling me onto a train bound for Wales, I did not pack very well. Both me and the dog are itching to stretch our legs, but dubious about getting a good soaking.

bring.jpgI thought I would spend a little time completing training for work – but I quickly became bored with that. So WordPress has saved me from an afternoon of boredom while my beloved relative sleeps. I am going to have to brave the weather and nip…

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