Share Your World 14th Oct.

This an autumn edition of the Share Your World prompt created by

Melanie, of sparksfromacombustiblemind :


Why do we have such trouble telling our loved ones that we love them? Do you have that kind of communication issue with your loved ones?

I think we tell our loved ones that we love them every day through the things that we do for them. It can be difficult telling them we love them maybe because the depth of feeling is much more than can be conveyed in a few simple words.

Above question inspired by this short, poignant blog post:

Decorations for holidays? Spirit lifters or pain in the butt? Or a mix?

Mix. When the whole family or any group pitches in to put up or take down it can be a lot of fun. If one person is doing it, things can get stressful.

Do you donate to charities? Of your time, do you feel money is the only true gift, or other? (nod to Rory for this idea)

I am afraid I only give in cash and kind. Later I do intend donating my time which I feel is the best kind of donation.

Once my country was hit by a sevete earthquake . In those days I donated time as well . I had completely forgotten about it.

This is the advantage of question tags and challenges. They bring forth memories as well as new ideas.

Are you too superstitious or have you ever played with a Ouija Board?

I have read about Ouija boards and seen them in movies. As a child I used to find the concept quite scary but now I am too skeptical to even want to try.


(image gathered off Pinterest)


This week please share a photo or image of what ‘harvest’ and “Autumn” mean to you! Thanks!

Vector autumn leaves, pumpkin pattern

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