Thoughts From The Wilderness – The Cost of Blogging

Originally posted on justabitfurther:
Every so often, you come across a post which poses questions that on the surface seem a tad inconsequential, but after pondering them for a day or two the questions have a two-fold purpose. At least in my mind, they do. Dr.Tanya@SaltedCaramel recently posted a series of questions in response to a post from another blogger. After reading her responses and then… Continue reading Thoughts From The Wilderness – The Cost of Blogging

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The Daily Four

The Daily Four Season 1 – Game 13 Question Fun Directory Welcome to The Daily Four! Today’s Questions to the Readers are…. What’s your favourite Hot Beverage?   Do you ever use essential oils or perhaps burn incense? Everybody loves cake – but what is your healthy favourite? Fun Question – Are you a Puddle Splasher?? [Are you a Wellie Wearer or Thrower!?]   What’s … Continue reading The Daily Four