Thoughts From The Wilderness – The Cost of Blogging

Glen McKenzie of justabitfurther answers the #cost of blogging questions and gives us a glimpse of his blogging persona


Every so often, you come across a post which poses questions that on the surface seem a tad inconsequential, but after pondering them for a day or two the questions have a two-fold purpose.

At least in my mind, they do.

Dr.Tanya@SaltedCaramel recently posted a series of questions in response to a post from another blogger.

After reading her responses and then mulling over the questions for a bit, I see the questions and how one answers them in this way.

First, it should cause us to step back from the blogosphere for a second and figure out if blogging and all it entails impacts life, family and relationships in ways that may not be readily apparent?

And secondly, if someone was just starting out with their own blog, would reading this help them in at all in considering the “cost” involved in blogging.

Cost of Blogging — Questions


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