What do you see #1

The Social Media Dragon

A dragon that snatches children from their parents

That separates husbands and wives, brothers and sisters,

Distances friends from each other,

Even when they are together.

Its fiery breath pervades every bit of our existence

Occupying our waking moments

And keeping us from sleep.



Written for:

What do you see #1 a prompt created by Sadje of KeepItAlive

28 thoughts on “What do you see #1

  1. This is a very new and imaginative way to look at social media. It is absolutely right that instead of bringing us closer, it is creating divisions. Thanks a lot for participating dear friend. Appreciate your support.

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    1. It is only the way that we use or abuse social media that makes it useful or harmful. The dragon picture seemed very apt for the harmful effects.
      Your new series has caught our blogging community by storm. Everyone seems to be enjoying it.
      And I am always there for you of course.

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  2. I enjoy social media, but I grew up without it for the better part of my life so I can do without it too. I do worry about younger generations and the pitfalls of social media – especially online bullying and “fake” news (and not the news Trump is always labeling as such).

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    1. I do too Carol, and I only just got on to it chiefly for my blog.
      The problem is that every kind of social media whether whatsapp, facebook, twitter,whatever, is so absorbing that once you begin to do it, extricating yourself is very difficult.
      That is why I think it is like a fire breathing dragon.
      I share your anxiety about youngsters. Injudicious use of social media can be so bad for them in fact downright dangerous.

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