8 thoughts on “Dr Tanya asks:What is the best way to deal with writers block–Reblog

  1. Hello Tanya, I couldn’t find your comments section for the “Blogging Insights # 5” …so here I am
    # blogging habits
    1. Do you follow a blogging schedule or do you post ^freestyle “?
    I don’t really follow a blogging schedule, except that I try do a blog/poem every day, probably I mostly blog in the mornings
    2. Where do you do most of your writing / blogging ?
    I write in various places, at the local cafe’s, at the beach, under my courtyard verandah (Fav’ spot), and in my writers haven/studio, which is beside my bed.
    3. Have you dedicated a particular time for blogging?
    No I don’t set a particular time for blogging…. because I’d rather be writing my poetry, which I enthusiastically enjoy…. so I fall behind in my blogging commitments…. yes, I’m a random and disorganise writer…..

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