moon starry sky tree what do you see #2

What do you see # 2

“I woke up with a start. The clock in the hallway struck two. Something did not feel right.

I got out of bed and opened the window. A clear starry sky with the moon in ascendancy met my eye. Everything was still. The old barren tree in the backyard had an eerie silhouette.

The burning sensation in my lower chest and upper abdomen seemed to reflect the desolate scene in front of me, I was filled with a strange sense of foreboding.

What could be wrong? Suddenly I remembered the seven course banquet I had attended last night. Of course, that was responsible for my present state; rich food never agrees with me. “


Written for:

What do you see? A prompt created by our dear departed Helene and continued by

Sadje of Keep It Alive.


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