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Blogging Insights — a new series

Recently I posted a few sets of questions about blogging insights. I was really encouraged  by the response I got.

I am going to continue this as a series and will try to post it every week. The format will switch between the single “long form” question and the multiple question types. I will try to reblog all the responses provided your “reblog” and “press this”  buttons work.

You can respond in my comments section or create a new post which I feel is much more fun. If you answer with your own post please tag it

# blogginginsights,

and also link back to my original post.

If you missed the any post in this series I am posting the links below.

Blogging Insights # 1. Why Do You Blog ?

Blogging Insights # 2. What does blogging cost you in your personal life ?

Blogging Insights # 3.What is your opinion of “question posts’? 

Blogging Insights #4. What do you think is the best way of dealing with writer’s block ?

Blogging Insights #5.What are your writing/blogging habits?

There is no time limit , word limit or particular style. These are basically conversations or discussions between bloggers and are totally informal and freestyle. I hope you participate and enjoy this series as much as I am doing.


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