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FPQ 47 # Man VS Machine

Do you think technological singularity will occur? If so, what time frame do you think it will happen in and how will it impact humanity? Alternatively, do you think or care at all about the potential for reaching singularity?

This question has been asked by blogger Fandango. He explains the concept of technological singularity:

“There are those who believe that technological advancement a net positive, while others look at it as more of a net negative. Yet most people agree that technological progress is inevitable as long as humans exist and that it can’t be stopped, nor should it be.

There is a controversial concept wrapped around technological advancements called “technological singularity.”

It’s a hypothetical future point in time when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.”

As far as the concept of technological growth being uncontrollable and irreversible, I agree. Technology is growing exponentially together with man’s dependence on it. By the time a machine or device is marketed it has already become obsolete. A newer, more advanced model is ready to take its place.

Yet machines / technology were made by man to improve his efficiency and his quality of life. From the invention of the wheel to current day artificial intelligence, technology has been created and used by man for his own convenience.

It is true that the automation of agriculture, manufacturing and many other fields has made workers redundant. Cleaners and gardeners have been replaced by robots that can clean your house and mow your lawn.

This so called rise of the machines and a threat of approaching singularity is something man has made for himself. The lack of a code of ethics and the absence of checks and balances have led to this current fear of technological singularity.

Such fears are fed and fomented by the rising popularity of dystopian fiction. Novels and movies that depict machines taking over the world making humans obsolete and extinct have produced a kind of mass hysteria.

The point of singularity where technology and artificial intelligence becomes uncontrollable need never be reached. Man who made technology can also  control it. How about a United Nations body for checks and balances over technology ?

On a personal level it is a good idea to promote handmade goods. Artisan bread and cheese, hand made shoes and bags : all these should be supported and prevented from dying out.

Another idea could be a code of ethics to handle problems arising from technology. All these measures may seem idealistic but with a bit of effort they can be successful. Technology can be broken in and harnessed.

Man can overcome Machines


Written for: Fandango’s Provocative Question

15 thoughts on “FPQ 47 # Man VS Machine

  1. I’ve been reading science fiction since for about 30 years now, so I’m constantly excited and terrified by the advancements and speed of modern technology. On the one hand, it’s amazing to see things I read about as a kid existing in the real world. On the other hand, I know how most of those stories ended…

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  2. You’re right, most of the scare is coming from fiction. Movies about the machines taking over in future are very popular. But rationally thinking, I don’t think that it is going to happen.

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      1. Indeed. The advancements in technology is almost scary, yet I embrace the benefit to mankind. As some jobs go away, they usually do get replaced. An ATM machine might take the place of a teller, yet it takes multiple people to maintain it.

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