My Autumn Favourites

Salted Caramel

My autumn favourites are many, autumn being my favourite time of the year. Every year summer gets longer so that autumn brings welcome respite from the heat.

My Autumn Favourites is part of my series:

Little Things That Mean A Lot : Part III

Here is a list of only a few of my little autumn favourites:

Dry Leaves

It is mesmerizing to watch dry leaves falling to earth one by one. Once they make a thick carpet on the ground, it is such fun when they crunch and crackle underfoot. Bonfires made from these leaves give the autumn breeze it’s particular smoky fragrance.

autumn favourites child playing with dry leavesDo you like to watch autumn leaves blowing in the breeze?

Apples, to eat and to look at.

A colourful bowl of glossy apples makes a great centerpiece for a coffee table or dining table. There are so many Apple related foods :apple jam, apple jelly…

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