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The Really You!


The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 01

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What is or who is The Really You? No, really, as in really you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the really you!

Every week – just three questions – about you to tell us!

What is your favourite sweet treat?

Salted caramel brownies, of course! But I love lots of other sweet treats, provided they are not overly sweet. I love dark chocolate with a hint of citrus. Coffee flavoured desserts figure high on my list too.

tempations caramel layer cake slice fork

If you want to really relax – what is your go to?

A good book and a cup of tea. Sometimes a bit of retail therapy. A good gossip session with old friends. All these are measures I use and find very effective.

white teacup person reading two books

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Reading thrillers and “chick-lit”.

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