Blogging and Licorice — Reblog from Paula

Originally posted on Light Motifs II:
Dr Tanya continues her series of blogging about blogging by asking today: “How do you write fresh content when everything that is worth saying has already been said?” First, I would like to note that Dr. Tanya asks us to leave a link in her comments when we respond to this question, but her comments appear to be disabled… Continue reading Blogging and Licorice — Reblog from Paula

My First Barnabas Award

Sadje of Keep It Alive has nominated me for my first Barnabas Award.. Please check out her blog, there is something for everyone and you will really enjoy the way she writes.. You have been chosen for this recognition because of the encouragement and inspiration you bring to your readers.“ The way this works: Thank the person who nominated you, and share their blog. Think … Continue reading My First Barnabas Award