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We’re waxing philosophical in our questions today:

  • Can we ever experience anything objectively? Why or why not? (Now for the people who may not understand that idea, this is what objective means (definition wise): Something that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions
  • No human experience can be objective since it is always coloured by perception and feeling.
  • Do humans have a soul? Do animals have a soul?
  • Humans do have a soul, that is what I have been taught in my faith. As for animals, I would love for them to have souls as I can remember so many dead pets but I don’t think that they do.
  • Why are people told to respect the dead? (example: “Don’t speak ill of the dead”)
  • Again, this is largely a matter of faith. It is a belief that the sins of a person die with him and therefore should be forgiven and forgotten.
  • Without using the names of specific people, discuss “the ideal” President or other world leader. Saying ‘anyone who is the exact opposite of a certain orange skinned creature’ is cheating. While (to me) that’s a true statement, there’s more depth to the question than to reduce it to one sentence.
  • The ideal president in the 21st Century is not an easy person to be. He/she must be impartial, well-informed, compassionate, pragmstic, firm but yielding at the right moments. The ideal president must be many people in one. A protector of his/her countries’ borders and rights the ideal president must be willing to extend a welcome to victims of cruelty as well as natural disasters. I think a whole essay can be written on this topic.


Written for :SHARE YOUR WORLD 11-18-19, a prompt created by Melanie of sparksfromacombustiblemind

8 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR WORLD 11-18-19

    1. You are most welcome dear.
      And thank YOU for providing us with these thought provoking questions every week.
      I almost missed them this week but thank God I got the opportunity to do them before the new ones on Monday.



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