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Blogging Insights #8– Are you grateful for your blog?

The spirit ofgratitude is in the air with Thanksgiving being celebrated in different parts of the world. It is a good idea to be grateful every day for all that you have and all that you are able to do. But in the rat race that is modern life you tend to forget this, so it is good to have a seasonal reminder. Today’s blogging insights questions centre around gratitude.


1. Are you grateful for your blog?

2. How do you express your gratitude?

3.Has blogging added value to your life? 


My Answers:

1. Are you grateful for your blog?

I am very very thankful for my blog.

2. How do you express your gratitude?

I express my gratitude by doing my best to encourage new bloggers, and to make favourable comments on the blogs that I visit.

3.Has blogging added value to your life? 

Blogging has added value and richness to my life in many ways. It allows me to express myself and to indulge in my lifelong passion for writing. I have made many new friends on the blogosphere. I have learned alot about life and writing from them. Blogging has improved my computer skills which were almost negligible before. It has also added to my knowledge of myriads of topics too.

All in all, blogging has been a truly great experience.


I am really looking forward to reading YOUR answers. Please remember to tag your post

# blogger’s attitude of gratitude,

and leave a link in my comments section too.

67 thoughts on “Blogging Insights #8– Are you grateful for your blog?

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Blogging gives me a sense of connection that I had lost from other social media platforms over the years. I really do feel a sense of community here on WordPress. 😊💕

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      1. I’m currently working on a different blog post at this time (a continuation on last week’s). I resonate with what you said in this blog post, and agree with your answers 👌 My answers would be similar LOL Have a wonderful evening! 😀✨

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      1. Congratulations on the novel !
        I am so impressed.
        I hope one day I can make a similar achievement.

        And no worries about the questions. There is no time limit.
        Only my own anticipated 😍


      2. Thank you so much for the congrats–it means a lot to me 🙂 It was an amazing experience to start out with only a book title–no clue about the plot or characters! And then it was just falling out on the screen in front of me 🙂

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      3. Well, I have written a number of first drafts of novels…but haven’t moved toward publishing, so maybe this time 🙂

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      4. In the past, I wrote romance. This one that I did for NaNoWriMo is a mystery, and Christian faith-based…if I do a sequel, it may include a love story ❤

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  2. I am exceedingly grateful for my blog and the entire process of blogging. It has allowed a creative tap to be turned on that has helped me in a variety of ways.

    I will post a link from my blog later today or tomorrow. A new work schedule is throwing a small wrench into blogging for the moment.

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