SoCS 23.11.2019 — Flyer

Flyers are all around you. They are displayed in neat little holders in your dentists’ waiting area. You are quite likely to pick up and glance at them to relieve the tedium of waiting for your turn. In addition to the advice on dental hygeine, they usually contain adverts on dental services.

Then there are all the ones that are pushed in your mailbox or delivered with the daily newspapers. I have a love/hate relationship with flyers. When I am decluttering I love them as they can be ruthlessly tossed . I hate them because they add to the clutter in the first place.

Flyers are also responsible for more paper consumption and more deforestation. I think all flyers put together would account for cutting down of many forests.

But before I ramble on I must relate the memory that the word “flyer” sparked in my brain. I was in high school when my parents went out of town for the weekend leaving my brother and I in the charge of a great aunt.

On Saturday afternoon the great aunt and I were taking a post lunch stroll when I saw a currency note in the garden. It was a rupee, the smallest denomination that we had in paper money back then (now one, two and five rupees are all in coins). I went on to find another and then another. We were really surprised and followed the “paper trail” to the bottom of the garden where there was more money scattered about.

The mystery was cleared up when we also saw flyers advertiskng a new detergent scattered among the money. Then my brother told us that earlier in the day he had seen a helicopter scatter bits of paper in tne air.


Written for : Stream of Consciousness Saturday– Flyer

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