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FPQ # 50 — A Fresh Start

Would you be willing to give up everything you have if you could go back and start your life all over again? Why or why not?

Starting life all over again: a clean slate or a new chance. Tbis sounds so attractive. What would I do if I had my life to do over?

I would make a plan and stick to it. My days months and years would be super organised. I would push away toxic people and not allow them to mess up my life.

But if a fresh start means giving up all that I have managed to do inspite of my shortcomings then I don’t think I want it. Maybe I am too lazy or not ambitious enough. I don’t really mind. I’m okay as I am.đ5

11 thoughts on “FPQ # 50 — A Fresh Start

  1. I got a fresh start. I no longer associate with past friends. At all. I moved across the country and gave up everything. I’m still not any more organized than I was before though. Really wish there was a quick fix to focussing more and procrastinating less, but that seems to accompany me wherever I go. 🤷‍♀️

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  2. It’s tough. There’s a certain aller to starting all over again and trying to not make the same mistakes and to do things differently. But at the price of giving up everything you have? That’s a really steep price to pay.

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