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Blogging Insights # 9 — Blog related Stress

Blogger Burnout

You must have come across this term in posts about blogging. Today’s topic is completely opposite of last week’s Blogging Insights when we discussed being grateful for blogging. This goes to show what a diverse field blogging is, its various aspects being limited only by the number of bloggers.



1. What, in your opinion, is “Blogger burnout”?

2. Have you ever suffered from blog related stress?

3. What steps could you suggest to keep blogging from becoming a stressful activity?

My Answers

1. What, in your opinion, is “Blogger burnout”?

I could always refer to Wikipedia for a proper explanation but I think this question entails my personal opinion. In my opinion, blogger burnout is a state of anxiety and exhaustion that arises when a blogger tries to do too much in too little time.

This state of creative fatigue, which is very close to writer’s block, can occur in various situations. A blogger who underestimates the time required for blogging can have difficulty fitting it into an already packed schedule. If a blogger is over-enthusiastic and tries to post more frequently than time and creativity permits, burnout can occur.

2. Have you ever suffered from blog related stress?

My answer is NO, and I think this would be the answer of most people who have a “non-profit” blog i.e. they have not monetised their blog. In addition, I took up blogging while on a sabbatical from my profession. I do have a very busy life these days but my “sporadic” kind of blogging fits in to whatever pockets of free time I have.

For “business bloggers” I think blogging is a completely different ball game. There it is important to set deadlines and make schedules. I tried making a blogging schedule (you can read about it here). Although I thoroughly enjoyed doing it as you can see in my post Blog Schedule Audit, I found it difficult to keep it up.

Most of my blogger friends are in it for fun. Some consider iit to be a form of therapy, others , as a new pastime. I too view blogging as an antidote to the stress of modern living. In fact, I was in a somewhat stressful situation a short while ago. When I came home, I made myself a cup of tea and sat down with my laptop to write this post. 

3. What steps could you suggest to keep blogging from becoming a stressful activity?

a) Keep your expectations realistic.

I would love to post and write much more than I do at present but I know that I could not manage in the long run.

b) Make use of the schedule button. 

It is a really good idea to “stay ahead of yourself” by always scheduling a couple of articles in advance.

c) Pick up tips from other bloggers.

The blogosphere is full of good articles on every aspect of blogging. From creating content to managing the technical stuff, there is a lot of good advice out there. So learn from the pros. You will find many tips and tricks to organise your blog and your life better. This blogging insights series is part of my continuous effort to pick other bloggers’ brains and learn from them.

Finally, it is my belief that “Blogging should always be fun”


Okay! That was my bit. Now I am really looking forward to reading YOUR answers. Please remember to tag your post

# bloggerburnout,

and leave a link in my comments section too.


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