What do you see # 6

David came whistling down the stairs. His mother was busy frying kippers while his father sat at the kitchen table with his first cup of tea and the newspaper.

David had cleared his O levels with flying colours just yesterday. Now he was full of plans for the future. It was his dream to study at Oxford and then teach at one of the colleges there.

“Those kippers smell delicious Mum” said David, sliding in opposite his father. “Dig in sonny boy,” his Dad told him,”You need a hearty breakfast to stand behind the counter all day.”

“What do you mean, Dad,” exclaimed David in surprise.

” Well! You are going to join me at our fish and chip shop, aren’t you? Now that you’re done with your book learning,”his father said.

David pushed his plate  away saying,”It’s too hot in here. It’s put me off my breakfast. I need to go out for a bit” While his parents were trying to figure out the meaning of this outburst, David took his anorak from the hallway and stepped outside.

He started walking aimlessly down the road, his mind in turmoil.He did not see a future for himself that involved selling fish. He wanted to be an academic. Yet, he did not want to hurt his father either.

David walked on and on as he turned the problem over and over again in his mnd. He  reached the motorway that went past his town It was seven o’clock on a Saturday morning. There was not a single car on the road.

Suddenly the sun came out from behind the clouds and the road in front of him was bathed in sunbeams. As David enjoyed the sight, suddenly things fell into place. He would certainly help his father in the shop but nothing was stopping him from taking correspondence courses in the evening. No matter what, he would get his education.

It is amazing how a walk can clear your head, isn’t it? 


Written for :What do you see? a prompt by Sadje of KeepItAlive.

Thanks to JOHN TOWNER for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁


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