What do you see

A new pastime with zero screen time.

“I am bored Mum,”said Carla.

“Bored already?” Asked her mother, “It’s only the second day of the holidays. There are another twelve days to go. Why don’t you read a book?”

“I’ve read them all. Can I watch TV again?” Carla asked.

“No darling, you’ve had enough screen time for today,” her mum replied firmly.

“But I’m bored. Can I play a computer game,” Carla asked.

“The computer is also a screen, dear. You’ve had enough screen time. I have an idea ! Let’s go to the park,”suggested Mum.

Carla and her mother wore their anoraks and boots and walked to the nearby park. A new monument had been erected in the park. It was a statue showing a warrior carrying another warrior in his arms.

“Hey Mum ! Check this out! What and when do you think these guys are from,” exclaimed Carla pointing to the exhibit.

“We could Google search the costume and period of these guys,” said Mum, “but it will be more fun if we go to the library tomorrow to find out.”

“And then we could go to the museum ,” said Carla, who was a bit of a history buff.

Mum smiled to herself. It seemed that Carla had a new interest for the holidays.


Written for:

What do you see#8, a prompt by Sadje of KeepItAlive

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