Three line tales 208 — Man’s Best Friend

SONYA is the host of Three Line Tales. Welcome to Week 208 of Three Line Tales. I give you unconditional love affection, loyalty and sincerity. All in return for food, shelter and regular walks (hopefully). Not a bad price for something as good as a therapist, personal trainer, companion and confidante all rolled into one. Continue reading Three line tales 208 — Man’s Best Friend

Blogging Insights #15–Traffic and Growth

Blog traffic: visitors, readers, followers,lik-ers(I know that’s not a word), is what makes your blog go. You may be posting pearls of wisdom and gems of literature on your blog but if nobody’s reading them what’s the point? On the other hand you see blogs with hardly stellar content that seem to be doing so well that they are the bloggers’ primary source of income. … Continue reading Blogging Insights #15–Traffic and Growth

Five Things- That make you laugh

I love to laugh Loud and long and clear I love to laugh It’s getting worse ev’ry year The more I laugh The more I fill with glee And the more the glee The more I’m a merrier me These are lyrics from the original Mary Poppins movie soundtrack. Myself I tend to be absent minded, especially when preoccupied. This leads to situations that provide … Continue reading Five Things- That make you laugh