broken shoes

JusJoJan Day 3 “poke”

When is poking one’s nose in other people’s business justifiable ?

I am usually averse to poke my nose into other people’s business . This is because I do not like unsolicited advice and unwarranted intrusion in my life. I try to do as I would be done by so I mind my own business.

There are some situations, however, where this habit of “non intervention ” stops me from doing what I want. This is what happened today. I was at a mall / shopping complex to buy shoes for my youngest. There was a block of 3 or 4 shoe outlets. Nearby was a security guard sitting on a chair. I could see him from inside a shop. He was neatly dressed in his navy blue uniform.

What caught my eye were his shoes. He wore worn out but polished black lace ups which had holes on the back of their heels. One foot had beeen repaired with a patch while the other one had a gaping hole. It was incongruous to see that the person guarding a string of shoe stores was wearing broken shoes.

I felt really bad but was loathe to poke my nose into a complete stranger’s affairs. I should have done something about it, I felt later. Maybe I could have given the guy some money to buy shoes or maybe I could have shamed the shoe store owners into giving a pair to him. What do you think I should have done? Please let me know in the comments section below. Please remember to like and follow.

10 thoughts on “JusJoJan Day 3 “poke”

  1. An interesting dilemma. I might have anonymously pre-paid a pair at the store so that an employee could ask him to come in and choose a pair, but really, I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I don’t “see” people’s shoes very often.

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  2. People are so touchy, that even the slightest hint of charity sends them screaming in rage that they’re being ‘judged’. I don’t know what I would have done in your place. I doubt I’d have said or done anything either. And isn’t that sad? A compassionate moment is lost because we’re afraid of offending.

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  3. I think it’s great that you wanted to help them out. That’s a really sweet thing. The only problem I can see with it is that the guard may have been insulted by the offer and may see nothing wrong with the shoes. I mean, if you’d done it, it would have been a totally noble gesture with no ill intentions but you never know how people react to things, even generosity. I don’t think you did anything wrong but it shows you have a kind heart since you wanted to help. Good for you!

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