JusJoJan 6 / 20 “possibility “

Another Day — Another Dilemma

Today I was confronted by another ethical and moral dilemma. It was pouring since 6 am today but I needed to run some errands. Among them was shopping for fruit and vegerables which I like to do at small privately owned stalls.

There was a lot of muddy water swilling about on the roadside. I stepped gingerly, careful not to slip or splash. Lo and behold, there was a whole banana skin on the slippery pavement. A banana skin on the road would entertain the possibility of making someone slip on it any day. In today’s rain it seemed a certainty.

Part of me wanted to pick it up and dispose of it properly so it could not cause a potential accident. But my practical self advised against it. If I picked it up, where would I wash my hands and how would I drive home ?

So I left the smoking gun aka banana skin to its fate but I was not particularly proud of myself.

What would you have done ?

Written for JusJoJan 6-20


8 thoughts on “JusJoJan 6 / 20 “possibility “

  1. I have slipped on a banana skin and fractured a meniscus in my knee. So I would have found a stick or something to remove that skin. Very dangerous thing! 😱😱😱

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      1. The first one was a sport injury. It was the medial one , in the same knee. Sometimes doing the right thing is not possible due to the circumstances. There is always a next time. 😍💖

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  2. There is an elderly fellow in my neighborhood (he’s in his mid 70s I think) who picks up trash on his morning walk around the community. He’s been copiously thanked and recently he encouraged everyone to ‘do their part’ because obviously he’s not going to be around forever, nor in the physical shape to do that. I’d have picked the icky thing up and thrown it in the nearest trash receptacle I could find. I carry hand sanitizer in my car and in my purse for just such occasions. It has to do when there’s no place to wash my hands. But in your case? I don’t know that I’d have bothered. You weren’t in a place that it was easily to solve that problem. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Loads of other people ignored the peel too, obviously.

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    1. Young people pick up trash on clean up drives but I have yet to see an elderly person do it. So your neighbour is to be applauded.
      When appropriately “equipped ” I would have picked up the banana skin too.



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