Blogging Insights #13 How long is the ideal blog post ?

Short form VS Long form Content

Before I launched my blog a couple of years ago, I read quite a few posts and articles about blogging. All of them said that the search engines preferred content to be around 2000 words. Tbis, I learned, was called long form content.

I paid for a plug-in called Yoast which all the articles said I must have (more about this in a later post). This plug-in which works on a traffic light kind of system would not give me a green lighht unless I crossed 300 words. I dispensed with Yoast since the WordPress Business Plan that plug-ins operate on was quite expensive and not really doing anything for me.

By this time I had discovered that short form content (1200 words orless) seemed to be doing very well for many bloggers whose work I admired. For a really great article on short form vs long form comtent, click here.

How long are your blog posts on average?

When I first began blogging the average length of my post was more than 500 words. It used to take me about 200 words just getting warmed up about the topic. Although I was enjoying writing these wordy and lengthy posts, hardly anyone was reading them.

Then my friend Sadje, who used to write short-form posts told me to try sticking to a much lower word count. I followed her advice and my blog traffic soared.

Given the option, would you rather post long form or short form content?

I guess I prefer to write longer posts with a proper introduction, several paragraphs for the “body” of the piece, and a good conclusion that ties up the whole topic. But most people (myself included) don’t really have the time and patience to read very long posts.

I solved this problem once by dividing a long article on Decision Fatigue into a series of three shorter posts. You can read these here, here and here, if you like.

There are some posts, however, that have to be written as short form. These include poems, writing prompts, quizzes and list posts.

Time is short and the attention spans of social media users shorter still, why do you think the search engines prefer longer content?

Two years into blogging and I still don’t have the answer to this one. I did not Google it by the way, otherwise I might have found out. What I really want is the opinion of other bloggers on this.

Okay! That was my bit. Now I am really looking forward to reading YOUR answers. Please remember to tag your post

# blogginginsights,

and leave a link in my comments section too.

35 thoughts on “Blogging Insights #13 How long is the ideal blog post ?

  1. For me, my rule of thumb is to be long enough to be informative, but short enough that people have the time to read my posts. In other words, I try to aim for somewhere between 500 and 750 words, though occasionally my posts are longer than that.

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  2. I don’t know the answer either…sometimes I write long posts, sometimes short…honestly I don’t know which ones do better but I’ve noticed people don’t have time to read…me inclusive 🤪 unless is something that I’m really interested in.
    I guess what is more important is the topic and if the post is useful to our readers or not…

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  3. I was attempting to read a post this morning that made me think of this post – the blogger always writes long posts, or at least they seem that way, and I never finish them. Why? Because this person seems to never have heard of something called a ‘paragraph’ and the font they use is teeny tiny even on my huge screen desk-top. So whether a post is long or short may not be the question but rather is it visually easy and attractive to read? Well that’s the question for me. A huge chunk of tiny, often weird fonts, means I’m clicking off and probably not coming back.

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      1. I literally have no idea. About 18 months ago, I started to look at SEO, social media promotion and all that stuff and found it to be both overwhelming and exceedingly time-consuming. I haven’t done much if anything with that kind of stuff since.

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  4. Tanya, this is a fantastic post! It is a question I think most bloggers struggle with, myself included. I’ve considered switching to “shortform” as most of my blogs have been lengthier. I try to break them up with one to two sentence paragraphs, easy to read fonts, images, etc. I understand when people just don’t have the time to read, as I’ve certainly been there too!

    Even WordPress sent out in their newsletter about using shortform posts to increase blog traffic and readership. So why would Google rank you best when our posts are 1500-2000? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    I’m thinking topic choice is everything. Say what we need to say clearly without leaving any important information out. If that is done in 750 words, call it done. If it takes 2000 without being confusing, so be it. 🙂

    Love your blog! You’ve done an amazing job. Thanks for the helpful tips! ♥ I genuinely appreciate you!

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