2 thoughts on “Blogging Insights #13– Reblog from Sadje

  1. I write only 4 posts a month. The length of each post varies. I must admit that I do watch the word count, so I am at least mindful of what a longer post might do to lose the interest of my readers. I also love to include images which I feel further drive points home as opposed to adding an extra wordy paragraph or two.

    Additionally, I always break my paragraphs down into smaller chunks, which I believe helps to keep my posts tight even if the word count gets a little loosey-goosey.

    The subject of my posts may have a bit to do with their eventual length as well, especially if I’m lauding an author for instance, which is why I continue to choose subjects that are “sparky,” while, in my opinion, are also interesting to the best of my ability! 🙂

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