dragon fruit cut in half held in hand

Daily Prompts 15th Jan

It was the element of caprice in her nature that made her choose Bangkok as her destination. In the middle of summer, the heat would be unbearable.

She wondered now how she could have been so daffy. Hopefully, the hotel she had booked would have proper air conditioning and would not just fob her off with a ceiling fan. She felt like a complete idiot as she sat regretting her whim.

Soon, however, her tboughts went off on a tangent as she recalled her last trip to Thailand. The street food had been lovely. She had enjoyed sampling the spicy curries, both red and green as well as the variety of sea food. It also seemed quite safe to eat as she had suffered no ill effects. Best of all had been the infinite variety of exotic fruit. Rambutans, dragon fruit, papaya and pineapple; she recalled the colours and flavours. Perhaps she just might enjoy herself and the trip migjt not be a total loss after all.

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