A Leap Of Faith

Take a leap,

A leap of faith.

Faith can move mountains.

Mountains like procrastination,

Or just lack of motivation.

You can do anything.

Motivation is the key.

But faith is essential.

Light Motifs II Thursday Inspiration # 40


7 thoughts on “A Leap Of Faith

  1. Oh I love this poem! How true it is! Procrastination is really nothing more than fear. Fear of: what if I fail, what if others don’t like what I do, what if I succeed, what if, what if, what if. It’s a terribly paralyzing feeling to experience. It can make us stop dead in our tracks, failing to fulfill the purposes and plans set before us for our lives.

    Indeed, faith moves mountains. Praise God for that! 😀 Wishing you a wonderful day, dear Dr. Tanya. Keep blogging. I love what you’re doing here!

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