Blogging Insights #16 — A Good Blogger


What, in your opinion, are the characteristics or qualities of a good blogger?

I will be very grateful if you list no less than five but no more than ten.

My Answer

1.A flair for writing

Although many blogs populate the blogosphere with largely pictorial content, I feel that a talent for writing is the most important quality for a writer. A natural talent for writing does not mean creatimg several inches of prose. A well written heading or caption works wonders for the engagement of even a pictorial or image-based post. Of course, concise and appealingly written posts do very well; it takes talent to say all that you want in as few words as possible.  

2.Correct grammar and spellings So many bloggers have great ideas and can produce wonderful content. However, if they fail to use correct grammar, spellings and punctuation, they won’t be able to put their point across. I don’t need to say that incorrect language puts people off in any case.  

3.Time Management In order to continue blogging long term, a good blogger learns to balance all aspects of life. Finding the correct balance between blogging, work and family life is important. Again, finding time to write and post consistently while interacting with other bloggers all requires efficient time management.  

4.An eye for picture and colour The world wide web has become a very visual place. With millions of  posts clamouring for the reader’s attention on many different platforms, your posts are required to have visual appeal. Unless you can afford to employ a graphic designer for your blog, having an eye for well placed images and choosing the right font and layout even for largely “wordy” posts is essential.  

5.”Stick to it-ive-ness” Sticking to the task at hand is essential for bloggers. A good blogger is consistent in posting good content as well as in interacting with other bloggers. This singleness of purpose or “stick to it-iv-ness” is required particularly in early days of blogging when a person of less tenacity might be discouraged by sparse readership.  

6.A warm and friendly personality The blogosphere is a friendly place and bloggers are very encouraging . I found this out through experience as a new blogger. To fit into this friendly atmosphere, a good blogger should be sociable. This means visiting other blogs as much as possible and leaving meaningful and positive comments.  

7.A thick skin In my two years of blogging, I have been fortunate to have received only two critical comments. Yet I know of a few people who received a lot of negative attention. Hence, a good blogger must learn to ignore malicious people and be open to positive criticism. “Positive criticism” sounds like a bit of an oxymoron so let’s say “helpful suggestions”.  

Okay! That was my bit. Now I am really looking forward to reading YOUR answers. Please remember to tag your post # blogginginsights, and leave a link in my comments section too.  

22 thoughts on “Blogging Insights #16 — A Good Blogger

  1. Great post once again. I do like the “stick to it” aspect and needing “thick skin” both are great and often necessary qualities to have in order to put the time in to become proficient in this crazy blogging world.

    Mine look at this is coming shortly!

    I would also add that “good bloggers” are simply themselves and that their writing reflects who they are.



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