What do you see? Mushrooms

Does this picture inspire you to write something? Image credit; Flickr   Mushrooms and rainbows are equally rare in my part of the world. This confers on them an almost magical impression. Maybe they seem magical to me because I grew up on a surfeit of Enid Blyton ‘s stories. Fairies, pixies, elves and goblins live in mushrooms in her stories. If I remember correctly, … Continue reading What do you see? Mushrooms

Fandango's February Expressions

F F E #6 — A Tribute to Women

A woman’s place is in the home, And in the office and hospital and bank, In car pools, soccer practice and piano lessons. At football matches, ballet school and dentist appointments. She is a home-maker, professional and care giver. A woman has many hats to wear and many shoes to fill. She cannot be restricted to one place.   written for : Fandango’s February Expressions … Continue reading F F E #6 — A Tribute to Women