Fandango's February Expressions

Fandango’s February Expressions #8 A watched pot never boils.

Expressions, adages and proverbs are passed down over the years . They are usually communicaed as they are verbally from generation to generation. When written down in literature they become immortal. Some, like”All is well that ends well” are quite clear in their meaning. Others, like today’s example “A watched pot never boils” are, in my opinioon, open to interpretation.

One way of seeing this is that if you focus all your thought and attention on something that you are waiting for, the waiting period seems intermnable. You must have experienced this. If you are waiting anxiously for your publisher, agent or potential employer to call you, the call seems to take forever. On the other hand, if you forget about the anticipated event and go about your daily business, you are pleasantly surprised when the awaited call happens.

Another interpretation of “A watched pot never boils” could be that if you devote too much energy or attention to a project, it does not materialise the way you wanted it to. Some parents constantly watch over their children and monitor each and every action they do. In some cases, the children turn out alright despite the “smothering attention”. Unfortunately, most such children do not do very well in life, akin to a plant that has been over-watered. 

What do you think of my interpretations? Do you agree?

Please let me know in the comments section below.


Written for Fandango’s February Expressions # 8

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