Share Your World 2-24-2020

I will post four or five different questions each week for you to answer. There are two ways which you can participate. Create a SYW post. Then post the link to your blog in my comment box or leave your answers in the comments box of my blog. To make it easy for others to […]

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What do you think of best friends of the opposite sex?  Or to put it another way “Can men and women ever be platonic friends?  Doesn’t sex always get in the way?”  

Oh yes, they most definitely can. The best example of this is work buddies. Despite all the #MeToo provoking kind of guys that exist in every workplace, in my experience work colleagues can have lasting platonic friendships. In some cases these can even extend to spouses and families.

What is the greatest struggle you’ve overcome?

I used to struggle with doing everything and getting it all done : family, career, postgraduate studies, caring for sick relatives. Juggling with all this, I did achieve most of my goals but ultimately decided that this frenetic lifestyle was not good for me. The greatest struggle that I have overcome is the struggle with myself to stop doing everything all of the time and go easier on myself.

What is the darkest thought you’ve ever had? What about the darkest thing you’ve done that you’ve never told anybody about? (obviously you’ll be telling now if you choose to.  Telling might unburden you a little though.) 

This is a difficult one. I guess you could say that it was tied up with my answer above. I used to feel at times that I was a failure if I could not come up to my own exacting standards. Since then, I have moved on and know better  now.


and one ‘fun’ one because I realize those others were pretty deep)

What is your least favorite food?

Sushi — I know this answer will make me unpopular with most of the modern world.


Share a thought, write a story or poem or share a meme about gratitude.  If you’d like to.  As with the other questions, this is optional.  

I am sharing my own thought : ” The feeling of gratitude is itself something to be grateful for; it brings with it a lot of contentment and inner peace”.


5 thoughts on “Share Your World 2-24-2020

  1. There’s one other blogger who, like you, doesn’t admire sushi. Raw fish isn’t for everyone, but I challenge you to try a California roll (a well made one…none of that artificial crab garbage) which consists of rice, avocado, cucumber and lobster or crab (cooked) . It’s just delicious and how I cut my own teeth on the sushi idea. These days I’ve had eel (do not recommend for the novice), tuna fish, octopus, squid and a variety of other sushi types. But then I’m a ‘fish’ girl (Pisces in astrological sign terms). Thanks Dr. Tanya for Sharing Your World and some very wise words for us to ponder too! You’re great!

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