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Share Your World 3-2-2020 Cake, sandwiches & tea. Yippee!

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  Can you bake a cake?   (credit for this question goes to Di, who asked it on her post recently.   Thanks Di! After last week’s SYW, we needed a little bit of sweet and light!) person pouring chocolate powder on cake On the surface, this seemed like one of those yes or no answers. Yet, when I thought about it, I was taken down memory lane. That  is the beauty of prompts, they make you think about things you would not ordinarily have thought about. Coming back to memories,  the last time I baked a cake independently was when I was twelve or thirteen. Before that, I used to help my mother bake. It was rather fun lining baking tins or trays with brown paper and then greasing them. Checking the cake for “done-ness’ by inserting a tooth pick or knife and checking if it came out clean; then cooling and decorating, all the steps seemed fun. Most of this baking that I have mentioned took place in the summer vacations.Maybe we were easier to please than kids today or maybe we did not have “better” pastimes like the internet.        What’s one thing that can instantly make your day better? cupcakes on cake stand A cup of tea, with a couple of yummy snacks can lift me out of the doldrums. What is even better, is the added company of a good book or a good friend.     When you were a kid, did you eat the crusts on your sandwich or not? paninis on white plate I was generally the kind of kid who did as I was told so I used to eat crusts but I don’t think I minded . Even now, I don’t mind the crusts on toasted sandwiches. The soft “afternoon tea” type sandwiches made with thin bread taste nice without their crusts.     What’s something your family would be surprised to learn about you? I can’t think of anything since I am quite a transparent type of person and don’t really like keeping  secrets.  
AND (of course) GRATITUDE IS AN ATTITUDE! Please feel free to share some gratitude from this past week (or month or year).  This is purely optional of course, but it does tend to uplift everyone (I happen to think) to read some happy and/or joyful thoughts or view some uplifting pictures.    Thank you if you do so!  I am really grateful for the fun I had finding these pictures, posting them, and writing the answers to these fun questions.   written for Share Your World 3-2-2020 , a prompt by Melanie of sparksfromacombustiblemind Images courtesy Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Share Your World 3-2-2020 Cake, sandwiches & tea. Yippee!

  1. A cup of coffee shared with my husband each morning makes each day start off better. Always eat the crust on the sandwich although many of my grand-kids will not eat the crust. My family knows me pretty well – no secrets from them.

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  2. Thanks Dr. Tanya for Sharing Your World with everyone! 🙂 Cake and anything might make a day that much better, and sharing with a friend or close one make it even that much better! That pic looks amazing btw…seems just right for cutting into slices! 😀

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