The Monday Peeve 26 — Noisy Restaurants

Smiles and positive posts are all well and good, but sometimes I need to vent a bit. How about you? That’s what The Monday Peeve is all about, a chance to blow off a little steam at the beginning of the week, so then we can go merrily on our way once again (hah). I’ll […]

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I consider eating out to be a form of entertainment/relaxation. It is a time when I like to share a meal as well as conversation with family and friends. For me the ambience is just as important as the food. Unfortunately, some restaurants and cafes are so noisy that the noise just kills the combined effects of ambience, service and food.

Noise pollution in eateries is of various types. Sometimes the background music being played is very loud. Most places do turn down the volume if you ask them to, but in some cases your request falls on deaf ears.

More annoying is the racket caused by other patrons who like to hold forth at the tops of their voices. Unfortunately, the volume cannot be turned down in this case.You have to shout to make yourself heard thus contributing to the noise–and this goes on in a vicious circle.

I don’t mind so much when the noise is a generalised buzz and you can’t make out individual conversations. What really annoys me is when I am forced to listen to other peoples’ conversations. I wish people would realise that their views on the political situation or an account of their recent illness might be of interest to their companion but it is quite annoying for the people on adjacent tables.

Have you encountered this often or do you think I am being too sensitive? Do share your views in the comments section below.

20 thoughts on “The Monday Peeve 26 — Noisy Restaurants

  1. Oh yes! Can’t stand bratty, yelling kids, but the worst are adults drinking alcohol in large parties. They get louder & louder as the evening rolls on… totally obnoxious.

    Great peeve!

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  2. We recently experienced being placed next to a large family group, grandparents, parents and four children. This was at one of our favourite restaurants – somewhat upscale with good French food. The children ranged in age from two to five and were all sitting next to each other. It was clear they weren’t used to sitting in a restaurant (who is at that age) and within five minutes were bored, loud, crying, wanting to get up, go to the bathroom, etc. One of the mothers was terrible. Jumping up every two minutes to take photos and in a loud voice telling the kids to be quiet (they would get louder trying to talk over her). The grandparents looked like they wanted to be on another planet. We asked to be moved and were, and had a much more enjoyable time. If they hadn’t been able to move us though, our evening would have been ruined.

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    1. It is never any fun sitting near a large group at a restaurant. They can become loud per force.
      The kids you mention would have been better off taken to a kiddie friendly place with a play area.

      I am glad your table was changed.

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  3. Yes, eating out is for some a luxury and for us it’s entertaining, meeting with friends and sharing stories or memories. It’s all about the ambience and noisy crowds are just being rude – I get that they’re out to enjoy their evening, perhaps a celebration but so too is everyone else.

    You’d have been outraged at what happened only last week:

    Out at a restaurant, I made the terrible mistake of trying to pinch a chip from a young lad’s plate (the boyfriend of one of our best friend’s granddaughters – who I knew really well) when sadly and shockingly it quickly spiralled out of control.

    He screamed “Don’t f*cking do that you f*cking stupid bitch?” then stabbed at the chip viciously with his fork and shoved it in his mouth. He shouted so aggressively on and on that it made me jump and had the whole restaurant staring at our table in disbelief.

    I quickly apologised and said I’d never do it again when his girlfriend joined in with even worse expletives using the C-word. I apologised yet again and, as we were by the door, I left the restaurant feeling so embarrassed by the commotion. I know I was wrong but I really didn’t expect the ensuing outrage.

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    1. OMG
      You really went through a bad time.

      Pinching a chip or a stray slice of veg is something that one can do involuntarily. It does not merit an exaggerated reaction.
      In any case the behaviour these young people showed was inexcusable no matter what the provocation.

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    1. Well it is supposed to be airing a “peeve” so it is meant to look a little peevish.
      The image was chosen by Paula the creator of this writing prompt so if you like it the credit is hers.

      My kids say that I frown when I am thinking or concentrating on something so I guess it looks like me too.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. I eat out (or did when there was a viable selection of restaurants) a LOT. I’ve learned to mostly turn off the noise and going deaf these days hasn’t hurt in that arena at all. A sort of sick silver lining I guess. I’m not shy about requesting another table if nearby diners are too loud or have small, unruly children they aren’t watching. The only thing worse, in my opinion, than noisy diners are small children running around and inevitably getting hurt from falling down or causing waitstaff to drop their trays etc. I’ve often said that there should be ‘no children’ zones in restaurants, and none allowed at all if the restaurant is upscale and pricey. The kid doesn’t appreciate the experience and I want to if I’m spending extra money to do so. These days I speak up if something is bugging me and a discreet word in the waiter’s ear sometimes does wonders.

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    1. I agree that one should always speak up if things are not satisfactory.

      Btw, when you use someone’s question for SYW and add a link to their blog do you also ask their permission.
      I want to do this for my Blogging Insights series and I would like to use your “stretchy” question as well as a couple of questions from Rory.

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      1. If I use someone else’s question (a blogger I follow), I give them full credit for the question by providing a link to their blog and if applicable, the specific post where I found the question. I’m happy to give you full permission to borrow any questions you find interesting from my blog! 🙂 I’ll also ask the blogger, but find many times I don’t get a timely response, which is why I provide the link. If the blogger doesn’t want me to use their content, they usually aren’t shy about telling me so. So far? Nobody has complained! 🙂

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  5. Totally agree. Nothing can spoil your outing more, except maybe someone in a cinema who somehow thinks he/she is the only one watching the movie.
    People walk in late and then try to find their seats by putting on their cell phone’s lights.

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