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Topical Tropical Trinity

Ride Em, Hobby Em!”

Q.1Do you have any hobbies, activities or past times that keep you busy daily or weekly?

Oh yes ! I have always been an avid “hobbyist ” wanting to practice many more hobbies than I can afford due to constraints of time and energy. I love to read novels, listen to music, watch movies. I enjoy lots of “crafty” hobbies like knitting, embroidery and a bit of oil painting.

Q.2Have any of your current hobbies been with you since you were a youngster?

Most of them have been favourites since my school days. This is particularly so for reading and writing. I was always a voracious reader. I used to write for fun long before I started blogging.

Q.3Why do you think people need to have ‘hobbies?’

People need hobbies for many reasons but the most important reason is that they are great relievers of stress, anxiety and depression.

How long do you spend weekly with your hobby’s?

This is difficult to quantify exactly since I don’t have specific times for them. I try to fit them in whenever I can.

Are there hobbies you currently don’t do but would like to?

There are two new ones that I would love to do if only I could find the time. One is playing the piano (electronic keyboard). The other is joining classes to learn a new language.

14 thoughts on “Topical Tropical Trinity

  1. I’ve toyed with learning to play the piano too. I’ve had some negative feedback from relatives though and I know I’m fairly lazy, so I might not practice as much as is necessary to do it; plus I don’t own a piano. I know they’re easy enough to obtain (even free) if one looks. But where I’d put it if I had it is another challenge. Still thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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    1. The new electronic keyboards don’t take up that much space.
      And maybe your family or friends could give you one for your birthday. Sometimes people do ask what you want for your birthday. This could be a nice ccollective present.

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