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My Goals During the Covid 19 Lockdown

Last night, the government announced a two week lockdown in our city. Although there were Covid 19 positive patients in other provinces as early as a month ago, our province got the infection a couple of weeks later.Many are saying that the lockdown in our city Lahore has come two weeks two late but I think, “Better late than never”.

It has been my habit to use the pronouns “you” and “we” in most of my posts. I don’t often refer to “me” and “I”. But this post is going to be different in that I am going to focus on how I intend to spend the next two weeks. I hope my family as well as most people everywhere remain healthy and virus-free during these two weeks of lockdown.

My intention is to use this fortnight as fruitfully as I can. To that end I have decided on three major goals:


1.To increase my activity.

I am quite a sedentary person and have always made my busy lifetyle an excuse for my inactivity. During the fortnight’s lockdown, some commitments can no longer claim my time.

I have decided to devote forty minutes every day to physical activity. Together, the 40 minutes would be a bit daunting for a lazybones like me; but I began yesterday with two walks of 20 minutes each. I intend doing this at least five times a week. My primary goal is fitness but if I do manage to shed a few unwanted pounds, so much the better.


2.To declutter and tidy up.

This is hardly an original idea. People all over the globe are using the enforced time at home to weed out their clutter. When all this happened, I was at a phase of my life when  I needed to sort through my belongings and get rid of some stuff.. I was wondering how I would get it all done; now I seem to have the perfect opportunity. 


3.To write more.

My daily routine does not allow me much time for writing and blogging. I run my blog on odd bits of time that I squeeze in here and there. During the lockdown, I will be at home a lot and intend spending more time on my blog. An hour a day does not sound over-ambitious. Who knows, I may be able to put in more.


Looking back at what I have written, I hope I don’t sound glad to have this enforced time. Heaven forbid ! I would wish this whole emergency gone in the wink of an eye. But I like to see the silver lining in every gray cloud so I intend making the most of these days.

I have kept my list of goals short enough to remember; you don’t need to write down three points. The time frame for them is quite clear – the  following two  weeks : 24th March to 6th April. If the lockdown is extended I will review them.

I believe that these three goals are S.M.A.R.T. They are quite Specific, they are quite Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. If successfully achieved these goals will all lead to my prime objective for this fortnight:

To stay Positive and Cheerful during the lockdown.


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11 thoughts on “My Goals During the Covid 19 Lockdown

  1. Totally achieveable tasks at hand Tanya 🙂

    I have been busy for weeks now, but l also work from home, so it’s slightly different for me. UK went into full inital lockdown last night for three weeks, like you, l too believe this is too late, three weeks ago would have been better, but better late than never.

    Over here, people have abused the situation and l fear more people are going to become ill, iller and we will see more deaths – however – life is but a blink of the eye to some – so it’s making the best of it.

    I thought l was suffering from some C like symptoms turned out to be a cold, Suze and l both have it.

    Suze is working from home and is allowed to leave the house once a day, so she walks Nordic style around the village and then takes three walks extra day around our garden.

    Me, l am currently out and about in the garden from 10.30-4.30pm sometimes longer working and slowly getting through a big list l had.

    I have lost half a stone since l started late February so all good.

    Suze and l starting a business together so we are using this time also 🙂

    Keep well, keep safe, sane and healthy 🙂

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    1. Thank you Rory.
      I am so glad you are able to use this time fruitfully.
      Gladder still that your symptoms did not turn out to be Covid-19.
      Funny isn’t it that only a few weeks ago the big C used to be cancer; now its corona.

      Wishing you a safe and happy lockdown too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey Tanya, absolutely – it is ironic indeed how the C word used to mean something else both medical or swearing to others and yet these days Covid or Corona is taboo, medical and swearing to others all again – strange world we live in and it’s becoming stranger by the day.

        Yes thank you you too, stay safe, healthy and sane 🙂

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