One Liner Wednesday 25th March 2020

“Every crisis is an opportunity”

-source unknown.

Someone said this to me today in the context of the lockdown. I think I am going to adopt this as my motto, buzz word, catch-phrase, whatever (you get me). So be prepared to see it displayed on my blog ad nauseum.


written for One Liner Wednesday, a prompt created by lindag.hill

13 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday 25th March 2020

  1. I like your positive take on our situation. My boss said yesterday that these are exciting times. He explained: The virus and what it is doing is not exciting, but we are looking at possible permanent changes in our workplace and personal life and that the world may look a little bit different when this crisis is over with. Hopefully changes for the good.


  2. Unfortunately too many unscrupulous people will take advantage in ways that do nobody good except for said nefarious people. BUT, it can also be an opportunity to do a lot of good – the choice is ours.

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