Blogging Insights #23

Our Other Blog: Two Sisters and Two Points of View

Today I’m playing along again with Dr Tanya’s Blogging Insights.


1.How has the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic affected your blogging?Are you posting more or less than you used to?

I think that I am posting around the same amount as before. It is a little harder to do photo challenges without using my archives and I can’t post about outings and places of interest as I like to normally. However, I’m making a conscious effort to post in each blog on a regular basis. I look for other challenges I can participate in and I have started an “Armchair Travel” series of posts featuring photos from my archives of places I have been.

2.What is the tone of your posts these days, happy, sad , serious, worried?

Again, I’m trying to be positive and continue in the same vein as normal. Many people are posting about Covid-19 but I…

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