russian dolls social distancing

The New ‘Clarity ‘

Kate has challenged us; what does ‘clarity’ mean for you now? use photography or creative writing, poetry or prose to share what has become clearer for you then link it back here and read some others

The New Clarity

The new ‘normal’ has made some things very clear. When friends say “Stay in touch” It’s clear they mean over the phone or internet. When someone says “I’m going shopping. ” It’s clear they’re just going to buy groceries or medicines. It’s sad to see with perfect clarity , How the pandemic has changed our lives.

16 thoughts on “The New ‘Clarity ‘

  1. big changes but we did need to slow down … guess you are working hard, thanks for that!

    And thanks for joining in the fun … I’ve always loved your blog title, two favourite tastes 🙂

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  2. This had a very artistic touch to it. Nicely done, you addressed the question with a unique and creative perspective.

    Clarity is one of those words that captures so much meaning, the fact that only a few syllables are devoted to it almost seems like an injustice. 🤔
    It can be too easily overlooked or too quickly assumed to be understood.

    I love how you used art as a way to communicate the idea in a different light.

    Very well done.
    Thank you for sharing! 😄

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