Blogging Insights # 25 – Writing outside your comfort zone

Before I launched my blog, I read lots of posts and watched many videos on blogging. Most of them advised that selecting a niche is essential for a blog to be a success. A niche means a particular subject or genre. People become expert at writing in a particular form and subject. Today’s question is about stretching your wings and flying beyond your comfort zone. I have borrowed this question off Melanie whom you know at sparksfromacombustiblemind. I would love it if the rest of you guys would let me know if you would like something else discussed on this forum. My comments section is open to your suggestions.


Do you ever ‘stretch’ i. e. expand your horizons by writing outside your comfort zone?   If not, why?   


Since I basically write for my own pleasure, my writing is usually well within my comfort zone. I like to write non-fiction in a light-hearted and sometimes anecdotal style. Usually , I stay clear of serious topics and when I do discuss them I try to keep the tone light; as I often like to say, “Isn’t life serious enough?”

Surprisingly, whenever I read for pleasure (rest & relaxation), I always end up choosing fiction. Funny isn’t it ? My favourite reading genre is the complete opposite of my preferred writing genre.

Rarely, I step outside my “magic circle” of writing non-fiction for flash-fiction writing prompts. This only happens once in many moons. Last year, prominent blogger and author Theresa Grabs began a Daily Genre Challenge where she posted a picture every day and you had to write about it in a different fiction genre.

I took this up as a form of discipline to practise my fiction writing and enjoyed the experience a lot. Unfortunately, life happened, and I was not able to complete the whole challenge. I still remember it as a fun exercise. In fact I will post a couple of links for those posts here:

Genre Challenge # 14- Heists & Capers

Genre Challenge # 17 – Paranormal Romance

Okay! That was my bit.

Now I am really looking forward to reading YOUR answer.

Please remember to tag your post # blogginginsights, and leave a link in my comments section too.

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