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What can you break even if you don’t touch it?  (yes there is a real answer to this.  I’ll reveal it in the next week sometime.  Still, answer how you would like – no right or wrong answer)

A train of thought or a flight of fancy can be very easily broken without touching. All it needs is an interruption.



What’s the most useful thing you own?

My smart phone is currently the most useful thing I own. It lets me stay connected to the world in this time of social distancing. I can use it to listen to music, watch videos, read books,  browse the internet and most important : get on with my blogging.



What’s The Silliest Reason You’ve Ever Gotten Into A Fight With Someone Over?

Hmmm. Most fights are over silly things. In very few is there a moral high ground to defend.



If You Were A Snake, How Long Would You Want To Be?   No, size does not matter.  😛

I would be convoluted and coiled up beyond measure .




This quote is so true : Gratitude can change everything. Although I have been very lucky during the lockdown so far, sometimes I feel depressed and resentful with regard to all the social distancing and self isolation. Whenever this happens, I try to count my blessings (which are indeed innumerable) and soon I feel much better.


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10 thoughts on “Share Your World 5-4-2020 — sparksfromacombustiblemind

  1. Thanks Dr. Tanya for Sharing Your World!! Very wise answers given, but I’d expect nothing less from you! 🙂 It’s an art and takes practice to learn how to count/appreciate our blessings. And yes, it will make a person grateful if they stop to truly dwell on those blessings.

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