12 Bloggerz May 2020

12 Bloggerz!

Welcome to 12 Bloggerz … the monthly topical question feature ….

Game #1 – May 2020

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1 Thumbs Up PNG

Where is your usual location for meeting friends?

I haven’t met up with my friends since before the lockdown i.e. nearly two months. We usually meet at least once a month usually for coffee or a hi-tea buffet at various local restaurants and cafes. Sometimes someone has a get-together at their house.


2 Pink Glasses PNG

What is your favourite time of the day and has it changed recently due to current events?

I am a morning person and function best in the early part of the day. I also enjoy taking a walk in the morning.


3 Happy Cheeks PNG

What do you find embarrassing to talk or write about?

[Or do you not suffer with this?]

I don’t think I can relate to this.


4 Side Whisper PNG

What will you NEVER write about?

I would never write anything about personal details of my family and friends. Even though I sometimes mention them in anecdotes, I never give specific information.

[Why not?]

To protect their privacy.


5 Heart Eyes PNG

Do you ever read erotic fiction or exotic literature of another kind?

Nope. Not my cup of tea.


6 Sunglasses PNG

How confident are you about …. you?

Yes, you could say that I am fairly comfortable in my own skin.


7 Coffee Sipping PNG

Do you think in today’s digital climate with social media and so on … that people have too much to say and that they should be quieter or that people still are not talking enough?

I think people say too much about irrelevant things. Even if some people like to read what other people had for breakfast, it is still no justification for posting it (in my opinion).


8 Blue Smile PNG

Do you censor your own writing before publishing?

[As in prevent yourself from writing or expressing certain things the way you really want to?]

I usually write what I want but stay clear of sensitive or controversial topics. Also, I avoid anything that I feel may hurt or offend anyone. I guess you could call this a form of self censorship.


9 Cynical 2

If you weren’t already you upon waking to a new day, who would you want to be the next time you wake up?

No one !


I am so used to being me that I guess I would feel uncomfortable being someone else.


10 Older with glasses PNG

Have you done everything with your life you set out to when younger or are there still things you wish to achieve?

Although I have achieved a lot career and family wise, I still want to do a lot more in life. I feel that one becomes intellectually dead if one no longer has anything to achieve.


11 Sing PNG

What do you use when creating your blog posts and what would you sing the praises of with regards the creation of written content as opposed to a desktop or a laptop?

[If you do use a Desktop or a Laptop please also let me know]

I keep switching between my laptop and my phone. I usually make drafts on my laptop  and save them. Later I can complete them on the go on my phone.


12 Virtual Reality PNGDo you give your readership what they want or what they need? What do you as a content writer and creator get from that for you?

 As far as post length goes, I comply with my readers’ needs/desires and write shorter posts since they are more popular. I get more traffic this way compared to my early days of blogging when I used to write longer posts just once a week.


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