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Lifting the Lockdown too early ?

What happened to “Stay home,stay safe”?

All over the world, there is a wave of lifting the restrictions imposed for curtailing the coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic. In some countries who were the earliest to be affected by the virus, both infection rates and death rates seem to have been controlled. These countries have started easing restrictions on movement and economic activity. In other regions, infection rates are rising but governments have caved in to economic and social pressures.

Can you expect the average non medical person to realise the importance of safety measures against an infection that medical professionals do not fully understand yet ?

Do you think that the majority of the world ‘s population knows enough about the correct use of safety measures against the Corona virus?

Every where you go, you can see posters and signs advertising the use of masks and gloves to prevent the spread of infection. Yet how many people know about the appropriate use of these devices?

I have seen countless people wearing masks pulled down under their noses. They fail to realise that they could be breathing in the virus from the sneeze or cough of an infected person or vice versa if they are infected themselves.

Gloves can protect your hands if you touch an infected surface but if you don’t discard those gloves immediately , you will be transmitting infection to anything and anyone you might willingly or inadvertently touch. It is better to wash hands with soap and water frequently rather than wearing gloves. Where soap and water are not available or convenient , hand sanitizer will do the trick. Let us leave gloves to medical personnel and the food preparation industry .

Some countries , like Germany, managed to control the spread of infection. They started easing the Stay home restriction only to see a surge in the number of cases. Some Asian countries, where spread has not been controlled , are lifting the lockdown prematurely. It follows quite naturally that they are facing rising numbers of cases and deaths. This could collapse their inadequate health care systems. The economic pressure that they were attempting to relieve by reducing restrictions can be increased manifold.


I found the above image on the web without any mention of the source so I can neither give credit nor check it for accuracy. However, it serves as a warning of what could happen if  we let down our guard with respect to the Covid-19 paandemic.

Until an affordable vaccine becomes widely available world wide , continuing the lockdown is the only sensible thing to do.

Stay Home — Stay Safe.


featured image — lockdown sign — courtesy Unsplash.com

25 thoughts on “Lifting the Lockdown too early ?

  1. You’re so right. It is a conundrum for the states and basically the responsibility lies with those in power to educate people about the risks of an early easing of restrictions.

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  2. Perhaps you credit the government(s) with too much common sense and logic. Here in the U.S.A. we’re ‘ruled’ (not my president, never was, never will be) – by one of the biggest idiots to ever grasp power that way. The lesser powers (governors and mayors and so forth) simply follow that twit’s lead in what to do in this crisis. No free thinkers need apply. So what it comes down to is the individual. We each have a responsibility to keep ourselves and others around us safe. And I know some are disturbed by the idea, because it smacks a bit of Big Brother telling us what to do. I’m fortunate. I live in a place that WAS pretty lightly affected, but our governor (apparently) has said it’s okay for businesses to open their doors again and welcome in everyone. Tourists are showing up in droves (I guess because they have the time now, because where-ever they might be from is more strict about policies). I’m getting freaked out because I know there will be a sharp rise in the number of cases here and of those affected. My solution is to stay home. I don’t even like going to the grocery store now.

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  3. The easing of restrictions has me nervous and worried. You made all the points and I feel no need to regurgitate them. Scary times are upon us when so-called leaders make economy more important than health. In the end it will cost us more in every possible way.

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      1. I cannot help wondering where all the conglomerates and big business will find laborers if the population is decimated by Covid-19. It is rather short-sighted in my opinion.

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  4. An excellent postal topic Tanya … this is now a hugely debatable subject – the right versus the wrong versus the theory versus and the list goes on.

    Are lockdowns being lifted too early? Yes of coure they are – but life needs to continue and in countries with economies life needs to continue – this is one of the biggest and most profoundly distinctive threats we have.

    Society is its own enemy and it is the enemy of society itself. If you give people choices you give them options, you introduce greed and even more selfish behaviours.

    No one specific demograph is guiltier than the next … everyone is guilty.

    Lockdowns are lifting too soon for the wrong reasons – will there be second waves? probably and third and fourths until a vaccine or an immunity is developed and built up. The world is over populated and has population problems – this is a cull in the making if it is not handled properly.

    But certain countries didn’t lockdown quickly enough and so this pandemic will not just go away but continue .. today the UK has a death toll nearing 50,000??!! We reacted very badly to lockdown and too slow.

    But other countries who locked down quickly and smoothly and handled the management of this crisis well are managing sustainable issues with efficiency.

    If lockdown restrictions are eased off under careful management then lockdowns can be lifted … BUT l have yet to see that here in this country and others to boot we have gone from the closed fist of lockdown to the open palm of restrictions and we have just shot ourselves in our own asses.

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    1. Thank you Rory.
      I agree that this is an extremely debatable issue.
      Although economies are suffering due to the lockdown , a greater disease and mortality rate will increase the economic and financial burden.
      We seem to be going round in circles.

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      1. I agree on that Tanya – but if economies don’t lift – the world will be in a crisis they can no longer afford to finance. What needs to be done is a compromise needs to be achieved between medical and and authortarian – however the biggest problem is neither of those two but society – basically people with two many options always choose greed and selfishness.

        There is no easy way forwards sadly.

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  5. It seems that the “rejoicing in the streets with abandon” is happening once again. But as much as I want to get upset with people who are coming out often after the lockdown, I cannot do it given the reality that they have to — to survive.

    This dilemma is happening now in the Philippines, from where I’m from. We can’t just blame those who would battle through the dangers/risks of getting the Sars-CoV-2 virus just to put food on their tables. As a nurse by profession, I do my best to tell as many people I know to practice safety precautions. Your narrative is exactly what I tell them; I couldn’t be happier that there is someone like you who knows and understands.

    I just hope and pray we get this over with…

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    1. I join you in your concerns and in your prayers.
      While I always advocate caution, I am fully cognizant of the fact that some people need to leave home of neccessity.
      The principle is simple : unneccessary going out should be avoided and essential trips should be made with caution and appropriate precautions.



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