RIDDIKKY – Another set of fun questions….

Just 5 questions …..

What do you define as ‘true passion’ and have you found it yet? “True passion” according to my interpretation, is something that you like doing so much that you want to do it for the rest of your life to the exclusion of all else. Writing has always been my favourite thing to do ever since childhood and I think it qualifies as my true passion. Now I am looking for ways to turn it into an alternative career.   Everyone has something that overwhelms them …. what overwhelms you and how do you tackle it when it happens? Stress or anxiety are feelings that can overwhelm me. I keep trying to control them by practicing meditation , increasing physical activity and cultivating a mindset about “accepting the things I cannot change and changing the things that I can.”   What did you used to take for granted but now, no longer do that? I used to take my health for granted and used to push myself to constantly try and do more. Now I have learned to go easier on myself.   Are you ‘inked?’ [Have a tattoo] – if so, how many and if you can say where – where – and what made you want to express in that way and if not have you ever considered being inked and if not – why not? Absolutely not, never. It is something I would never consider. There are several reasons for this. Primarily, my faith and culture forbid it. Even if this were not so, I would still not have it done since it is painful and permanent. However, I have nothing against temporary tattoos, the kind that are applied as a transfer/sticker.   In light of our current situation – how do you perceive the world to look in the next five years? The post-pandemic world promises to be a very different place. We will probably be far less social in person but far more active on social media. Those people and skills that adapt to the new conditions will succeed. Far more transactions and activities will take place via technology. Humans being notorious for our “adaptability” will quite easily adapt to “the new normal” of the post-pandemic lifestyle.

 ….. 5 Easy Questions!

Written for RIDDICKY, a prompt created by Rory, A Guy called Bloke. https://wp.me/p9bfbp-gFm

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