Strangers On A Train — another poem for the pandemic

Two strangers on a train

Wearing masks and gloves.

Sitting six feet apart

It is difficult to make conversation

Wearing masks and sitting six feet apart .

So they nod and smile

Before turning to their cell phones .

Two total strangers

Thinking the same thoughts:

Will we always live like this?

How long will this last?



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10 thoughts on “Strangers On A Train — another poem for the pandemic

  1. My thoughts exactly. And my mask won’t stay put, either. It just falls off, even the paper ones where I can pinch the nose part tighter. We haven’t gone anywhere except doctors and yesterday, a trip to the lab for antibody testing (maybe we already had it????), a stop to buy a fuchsia and some pictures at the dam. The lab was empty except for us and everyone in Koopman’s were masked — and no one was coughing or sneezing … and there was no one at the dam. But Owen comes in and out.

    I tried to get data for our area, but there is no data for Worcester county. Literally none. Not by population or hospitalization, or crowded households. NO information. The only information is from in or very near Boston.

    The idea of living like this forever is appalling and depressing. I want to see friends. I want to laugh again.

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